19/11/2010 - Tudor Acid support Luke Vibert, Plaid and Red Snapper

Tudor Acid is thrilled to be supporting Luke Vibert, Plaid and Red Snapper on Sat 20th November at Soundcrash, Kokos, camden london. It is an honour, I am playing in the I Love Acid room, come along and say 'yo' -

12/11/2010 - Radioacid Box CD is now shipping!

The CDs for Radioacid Box by Radioactive Man have now finally arrived. If you ordered one, it has now been shipped out to you. If you don't have a copy yet, they are selling very fast so you are advised to get your order in early! Many thanks for your patience during the teething troubles. The CDs look and sound fantastic.

27/10/2010 - Radioactive Man's 'Radioacid Box' released

We are thrilled to announce the release of Radioacid Box by Radioactive Man. It is currently number 4 in Dave Clarke's chart. The download is available from all stores. We are currently experiencing delays with the physical release on CD - this is highly limited to 100 copies - but it will be worth the wait! It's been manufactured but we are waiting for mr Postman to deliver the final CDs! We have been assured this will happen this week so if you have ordered a copy then many thanks for bearing with us through these teething troubles. If you haven't yet ordered a copy they are selling extremely fast and given the classic nature of the tracks are set to be collectors items very soon. Don't miss out!

3/8/2010 - The Big Chill

Between 5th - 9th August we are at the Big Chill Festival at Eastnor Castle in swap meet area in the Enchanted Garden. Here we will be doing live sets, improvisation, and giving big chillers a chance to make their own tudor acid tracks. Come along and say yo.

14/7/2010 - Tudor Acid and Tudor Beats

It's been an exciting year so far for Tudor Beats and Tudor Acid with the release of the Merri Portland album, the Tudor Acid 304 remixes on vinyl, Time Travelling Robots and numerous live shows. We are currently gearing up for the release of 'The Wrong Side Of Day Part 01', the first part of a monthly 10 part CD EP series which is released on 23rd August 2010 - it is available from our digital partners as a download but we are also exclusively selling highly limited digipak CDs of the series from this website.

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