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Ben Johnson and T-toe Remixes

Tudor Acid

TB-1414 ⋅ MP3

Nu-disco and chill remixes - OUT 06.08.14

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Ben Johnson and T-Toe, aka Terry Owen, who are both Bristol-based producers, bring to Tudor Beats their remixes of tracks from Tudor Acid’s Coastguard Advisory Service album. Tudor Acid picks up the story:

"When I heard Ben’s remix of Search And Rescue I was actually quite humbled by the fact that he’d gone into real detail with transcribing the original chords onto piano - I felt like he was treating my track with the same sort of reverence that he treats Steve Reich and clever stuff like that. When I listen to this remix I feel like I am having a dialogue with it and it feels like there are a lot of musical jokes in it in the same way that when you listen to Mozart you know that he’s slightly fucking with you, even in the middle of the requiem mass. Ben is one half of neo-space classicalicians Ersatz; they recently did a live improvisation and released an album called Amateur Kakorrhaphiophobia and I did a remix of one of the tracks.

Terry’s remix of 'The Rolling Fog' was an interesting one because Terry has taken the more melancholic elements of the track away from the Italo Disco framework of the original and given his remix a stately and/or heartfelt vibe that perhaps isn’t a million miles away from some of the earlier Tudor Acid tracks such as Hampton Court. His music is very heartfelt and sincere and he has a live following in Bristol."

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