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Coastguard Advisory Service

Tudor Acid

TB-1212 ⋅ MP3⋅DVD

Aquatic electro & abstract beats - 11.11.13

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Following the the eight-part Wrong Side of Day series, an EP appearance with the Doubtful Guest, and a live show for Bristol's Ang Moh records, Tudor Acid returns to Tudor Beats with his second full length album. In some ways it is the first 'proper' Tudor Acid album because the first Tudor Acid album, Merri Portland, was a collection of pieces recorded over a period of many years. The Wrong Side of Day series was all about the real-time evolution of a musical style and Coastguard Advisory Service was written between May 2012 and September 2013 with a specific narrative/story in mind.

The album starts in a chunky electro fashion with "Search And Rescue" and gradually segues through warm salt sounds towards the abstract "Crucible" before closing with "Shifting Sands".

The album is also available as a 5.1 DVD with handmade packaging from the Tudor Beats website.

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