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Merri Portland

Tudor Acid

TB-003 ⋅ CD⋅MP3

Celebrated by DJ magazine and International DJ and showcasing a variety of sounds.

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'Merri Portland' is the debut artist album from Tudor Acid (aka Richard Wigglesworth). Fusing Aphex style electronic musings and Autechre's sonic shifting intensity with atmospheric and dancefloor soundscapes, Tudor Acid is all about taking the addictiveness of the acid line and applying this movement to all aspects of the sound.

Across 25 tracks, we are taken on a bizarre ride through the imagery of the olde English realm of Henry VIII. Born in the year that Kraftwerk's Autobahn was released, Richard Wigglesworth went to school just round the corner from Chenies manor, Henry VIII's country residence which was rumoured to be haunted by Anne Boleyn's ghost. Home was a stone's throw from the newly constructed M25 and when local newspapers started printing lurid stories about drug-addled youngsters dancing to mind-bending music it was clear that they were frankly more terrified by the music itself than anything else round it. This fact itself provided impetus for Richard to make tracks on cheap synthesizers and drum machines after school.

Going on to study at Sheffield - a city on the move with a steel techno pulse, Wigglesworth stayed on, ostensibly to do a PhD in quantum mechanics but realistically because it was essential to carry on going to electronic music nights for inspiration. This interest in sound shaping led to gigs in London at the Sprawl and Moon Palace at the turn of the millennium. A highly limited 7" "Time Is A Chasm" followed. Released under the name 'Hysteresis' it was played by John Peel at the correct speed in November 2002.

Settling in Bristol, which is a city under a variety of grooves, Tudor Acid was gradually brought to life. Initially taking a step back to develop music which worked on the dancefloor, gigs at the legendary acid night 'I Love Acid' alongside Luke Vibert, The Doubtful Guest and mu-ziq followed. These nascent Tudor Acid sets involved live 303 and 909 drum machines, drew the attention of Keith Tenniswood and an ecstatic crowd reaction. Tudor Acid then went on to perform a career-defining gig at Lo Motion in January 2008. In recent times, the Tudor Acid sound has been widened to incorporate the sound-shaping and tricks with time that were picked up in Sheffield and these have only served to heighten the audience appreciation and make the music more dancefloor friendly.

'Merri Portland' sees Tudor Acid straddle the club/home listening divide with aplomb. 'Merri Portland' embraces anthemic synth tracks such as 'Ethereal' to orchestral innovations like 'Twilight', playful wistfulness on the likes of `Epiece' and the driving and collapsing rhythms of 'Slowburn' with such masterful touches that as debut albums go this is simply stunning.

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