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Mineral Species


TB-1818 ⋅ MP3

Highly innovative electro from new Reading producer

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Tudor Beats launches new E.P. Mineral Species with hot new producer Zoisite!

Mineral Species is the debut release from fresh, dynamic electronic music producer Zoisite, released through the Tudor Beats label (although she has appeared on the label under a different name). Zoisite, based in Reading, U.K., is named after an energising stone that transforms negative energy into positive energy, and encourages the following of one's own path.

"The instruments in these tracks may be synthetic, but the nostalgia is not," says a representative from the label . "When we first heard them we were so excited -- they are a new direction for melodic ambient techno."

Eagerly awaited, "Mineral Species" explores the ambient techno genre much loved by music journalist Joe Muggs. Its six tracks capture free-flowing, transient moments and make them suddenly tangible and to be frequently indulged in. The label representative said, "The way that these sounds create their own links to the past and the future -- and the past within the future -- recalls the best work of warp records artist Mira Calix".

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