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Radioacid Box

Radioactive Man

TB505 ⋅ CD⋅MP3

Thrilling 4 track EP produced on a home-made acid synth!

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Tudor Acid moves aside momentarily for the next Tudor Beats release so Radioactive Man can step up to the plate with this impressive 4-tracker, ‘Radioacid Box’.

Keeping a bit of Tudor in its veins, both the title, ‘Radioacid Box’ and sleeve artwork stem from an acid synth (which has similar components to a TB303) that Tudor Acid built for Radioactive Man at the kitchen table!

Radioactive Man continues to be a very busy man. Following his highly received ‘Growl’ album on Control Tower (via Fabric Records) accompanied by the ‘Gnarl’ and ‘Gnash’ 12”s, the ‘Bubble & Squeak EP’ with Luke Dumbstruck on Militant Science and his remix of ‘Urgent’ for the Tudor Acid 304 Remixes (TB-304) earlier this year, he still finds time to perform live sets and spin tunes across the globe. With a new artist album in the pipeline, there’s no rest for this musical maverick, as he regularly impresses us with his varied skills.

Opening up the ‘Radioacid Box’ is ‘You, Me & The Gatepost’ which features Christopher D Ashley. Radioactive Man throws some funk into the electro mix to make an infectious opener, displaying these true masters at work. Following on, ‘Checkee Chekee’ turns the acidity up a notch for a tuff dancefloor workout, while ‘Minimux’ shuffles in next, with its stripped-down dub techno groove. ‘Addams Family’ finishes this collection in fine style with an energetic ride through some dark acid waters, proving this EP has quality stamped all over it.

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