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3-Dimensional Electro From Glasgow - out on 18.07.2012

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Following a string of acclaimed releases on electro imprints Napalm Enema and Paul Blackford's Militant Science, Glasgow-based Chordata brings the long awaited 'Resist EP' to Tudor Beats. This is also the first release on Tudor Beats to be available as a surround sound DVD.

Originally from North-East Scotland but resident in Glasgow for 10 years, Chordata finds musical inspiration from the rugged industrial beauty of Glasgow and the unique character of its people. The 5.1 re-mastering was carried out by Tudor Acid who said: "Chordata's music is a real gift to the 5.1 surround sound format because of the way it portrays the unique architecture and character of Chordata's home city. I am really excited that everyone has a chance to get fully immersed in this music, it's a visit you'll enjoy."

Within its first 30 seconds, the opening track 'After The Storm' casually references influences as wide ranging as Paul Blackford, Aphex Twin, The Doubtful Guest and Daniel Miller with a propulsive tight electro groove and an addictive bass-line, which drops into a warm analog melody. 'Etain' weaves together different sub bass shapes, while 'The Fifth Dimension' builds to a multi textured acid symphony. 'Resist' closes the EP with a call to arms that counterpoints surging hoover bass sounds with an infectious melody.

The limited edition surround sound DVD includes 5.1 mixes, a special 'headphone simulation' of these mixes and the original stereo tracks, which were mastered by Shawn Joseph, all contained in special handmade packaging with calligraphy, and a ribbon and wax seal. The DVD is available to pre-order from www.tudorbeats.co.uk while the EP will be available as a download from Juno, Boomkat and other good stores.

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