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Return of the Bionic Bassline

Paul Blackford

TB-909 ⋅ MP3⋅DVD

Hyperkinetic cyber funk! OUT 11.03.2013

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Following releases on Battery Park Studios, his own Militant Science label and a remix of Radioactive Man, Paul Blackford returns to Tudor Beats with the album, 'Return of The Bionic Bassline'.

Paul has been a regular fixture on the Electro and UK Bass scene ever since releasing '1991' on Ed DMX's Breakin' label in 2003. His style is characterised as 'electro at drum and bass tempos' and Paul counts Keith Tenniswood and Dave Clarke amongst his supporters.

The new album picks up where the 'Dream Sequence' EP left off with warm, melancholic pads and a fat analog bassline before 'Channel Zwei' propels us into hyperkinetic cybernetic funk. The cyborg angle is further emphasised in the Robocop-referencing 'ED-209' whilst 'Hackney Marshes', 'Return Of The Bionic Bassline' and 'Secret Formula' contain melodically addictive basslines which blur the line between texture and melody in a compelling fashion. The album closes with the suitably reflective '1985'.

As well as being available on download, this album is the third 5.1 release on Tudor Beats. With Paul's signature attention to detail in the sounds, this release, much like the recent Chordata EP, is tailor made for the 5.1 format. A whole dark cybernetic soundscape of clanking robots, hissing steam and hatching aliens is conjured up by this EP.

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