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Signs and Wonders

Time Travelling Robots

TTR-001 ⋅ MP3

EP which pushes the Tudor sound in the direction of hard Techno

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People who have seen Tudor Acid gigs incorporating DiY home build acid synths will know that all at Tudor Beats are excited to bring technological innovation to the rave. But this time, we have gone one step further - secret documents stolen from the MoD show that it is inded possible for machines to travel through time.

And so time travelling robots were developed and sent back in time to encourage composers from different periods in history to make electronic music on analogue synthesizers. With their blank metal faces, forbidden knowledge of the future and their ability to perform signs and wonders, The Time Travelling Robots had little trouble convincing Tudor composers such as Tallis to temporarily cease working on Godly choral works to produce music using methods which to Tudor minds appeared to be sorcery with demonic intent.

Whilst there is a certain amount of despair and terror present in the "Signs and Wonders" EP, we did make sure that the spirits of our composers were never entirely broken and they will never have known that they were being manipulated. Furthermore, once the works were completed we did make it very clear to them that there would be no further haunting. Our appreciation of the beauty and terror of this dark dance music is tempered by a sense of remorse at the extreme methods we had to employ in order to obtain it.

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