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Summery Christmas EP

Melanie Houston

TB-1515 ⋅ MP3

Berlin, via Glasgow Bristol and Reading. Out 24.11.14.

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Tudor Beats presents a double A side from Melanie Houston with Zoe Laws, Tudor Acid and Christopher D Ashley. The EP has one laid back track and one club techno track.

Melanie Houston is a Scotland-based electronic music who played at the re-opening of the legendary Tresor club in Berlin and who has also released vinyl on the Cyberdance label, who are associated with the Magic Waves radio show. Tudor Beats already has connections with Scotland already due to releasing music by Chordata and Soundex Phonetic. Zoe Laws is a musician, singer and producer based in Reading who is presently working on a debut.

Tudor Acid has released 3 albums on the Tudor Beats label and an 8 ep series called "The Wrong Side Of Day". He released a vinyl with a remixes by Radioactive Man and Luke Viebrt in 2010 and recently released the "Rough Seas" EP on virtual urban records.

Since releasing "Cruel Romantics" in 2007, Christopher D Ashley has continued to explore electro as part of painstruck stanley dumb and also in collaborations with Zoe Laws and Tudor Acid.

The track "Summery Christmas" starts with Melanie Houston's electribe beats before bell sounds come in which all three worked on. The first melodic line was written by Melanie Houston. Zoe Laws and Christopher provided the melody which comes in half way through "Summery Christmas".

"2014melrichardnubeat19Jan" is a techno/nu beat track which Melanie Houston started. Tudor Acid added some other loops and a breakdown which was twitchy and intricate. Recorded over the new year period, this EP showcases two distinct styles from this collaboration between Melanie Houston and other producers.

Berlin, via Bristol and Reading.

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