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The Enlightenment

Richard Wigglesworth

TB-001 ⋅ MP3

EP that incorporated Victoriana and the heartfelt track 'Romantic Gestures'

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Continuing what Christopher D Ashley described as "differerent historical periods explored through the medium of Acid House", Tudor Beats travels forward 303 years from the Tudor period to the Enlightenment, the age of Victoriana, clockwork toys and fairy tales by the brothers Grimm. But there is also great beauty in this period - Keith Tenniswood described "Spring Bloom" as 'beautiful' and "Romantic Gestures" (our first slow-dance track) as 'Eno-esque'. "West Street Tram Stop" is a nostalgic love-letter to Sheffield in the 1990s (or is it the 1890s?) which takes influence from Gillian Gilbert's keyboard work with New Order and the Other Two. "Unintentionally Scary Clowns" and "Circus Of Clockwork" provided a darker backdrop to these dreamy and romantic atmospherics but all the tracks on this EP take our sound into new, trippier directions with fragments of real-world sound recordings buried amongst the acid. We shall be celebrating the release of this EP by playing at All Your Base Are Belong To Us, Iguana Bar, Reading on Friday 14 August which is the day this EP is released.

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