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The Plantagenet Mashups

The Doubtful Guest feat. Tudor Acid

TB-1010 ⋅ MP3

Gabba + improvised acid! - OUT 19.06.2013

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Tudor Acid goes head-to-head with The Doubtful Guest for the next release on the eclectic electronic label, Tudor Beats from the UK. The first track on this EP is a remix of 'Tudor Disco', which The Doubtful Guest started at the same time as Luke Vibert's remix for TB-304, but believing that slow and steady wins the race (even when it comes to Gabba!) the remix finally gets a release. Ravers who went to Bangface 2010 will have heard an earlier version, but the finished article has definitely been worth the wait.

The Doubtful Guest then collaborated directly with Tudor Acid and helped rebuild the Tudor studio with different analog synths all running at once. Part of the 'live' sound on these recordings might come from the fact the mixing desk was actually unsafe and so both Tudor and Doubtful put in an 'electrifying' performance on the rest of the EP!

'124 till 3rd' is a propulsive track with a galloping Doubtful 909 beat and 303, plus Tudor Acid's intricate electronic drum manipulations, pad sounds and homemade 303 clone. The track was finally finished at 7am.

The EP closes with 'Rich 1A Edit' for which long-time The Doubtful Guest and Tudor Acid audiovisual collaborator, Sublopus joined in, providing the 909 beat. The Doubtful Guest was responsible for its acidic parts, while Tudor Acid delivered evolving drum sounds, chords and some 303 action for good measure.

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