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There's No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves


TB-1717 ⋅ MP3

Electro exploration of Transhumanism

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The advancement of AI and Smart technology is happening at such a rapid pace that the possibility of transhumanism is fast becoming a reality. We have long been warned of a future where people are watched everywhere, constantly monitored even in our own living rooms, a robotic society..This is not all being forced upon us, we welcome much of this technology...CCTV everywhere, Smart screens (Orwells Telescreens) that we readily hang on our walls recording our activity and conversations, smart phones tracking our movements, our children being hypnotised and programmed through the entertainment industry and education system.. This is but the tip of the iceberg of what is really being developed. Whilst Huxleys predictions of genetic modification and experiments to create humans with different levels of intelligence are also already a reality..
Many will welcome the further intrusion of technology into their lives..believing it to be progressive and useful which in part it is..but only if we proceed with caution...
At the same time there grows a strong spiritual awakening... people are reaching out to each other, talking, sharing information and heeding the warnings of what could become...knowledge is our best defence...we need to keep expanding our minds and remembering the only true law is Natural Law...Mother Nature can help show us the way... There is No Fate but What We Make for Ourselves....

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