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Tudor Acid

TB-1313 ⋅ MP3

Electro with depth and emotion - OUT 01.04.14

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Tudor Acid follows up the ‘Coastguard Advisory Service’ album with a 4 track EP of melodic electronica called ‘Tonamente’.

Another EP heralds another change of direction for Tudor Acid. Whereas ‘Coastguard Advisory Service’ was focussed on a solidly polished narrative and sound, ‘Tonamente’ was written much more quickly, but no less carefully, to give it a slightly rougher sound and raw edge. Tudor Acid picks up the story; “I was spending a lot of time in London for family reasons as well as Bristol and I moved house and so had less time to get the tracks optimised to that level of perfection and intricacy. Soon enough I realised that a step back isn’t always such a bad thing and I judged the tracks on how they made me feel emotionally rather than how polished or impressive they sounded. What started out as a necessity was something I ended up integrating into the music."

The EP sets out its stall early with ‘Partome U’, a straight up electro track with Detroit-esque chords. ‘Tearbye’ has a custom-made string sound which has a distinctly non-dubstep childish wobble about it. ‘Shakker’ adds cloud and fog to the proceedings, while ‘Of-Ov’ ends the EP abruptly with a whirlwind blurring of percussive and melodic elements.

Summing up, Tudor Acid said, "You can spend ages thinking through how to do things best creatively or conceptually but sometimes you just have to throw paint at the wall and see what happens. That's pretty much how I made this EP."

Brimming with depth and emotion, despite Tudor Acid’s honest and somewhat modest words, this is after all, a true artist at play.

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