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Tudor Acid 202

Richard Wigglesworth

TB-202 ⋅ MP3

The second TB release showcasing more tracks from live analog acid hardware sets

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Hot on the heels of the Tudor Acid 101 single and a well received remix for Pain Struck Stanley Dumb comes Tudor Acid 202, a full length album. Due to unprecedented demand it has been necessary to put out early all 12 remaining studio Tudor Acid tracks together in an exciting package that will delight audiences for years to come.

The album was again mastered by Keith Tenniswood and the stunning artwork by Rachel Marsh is simultaneously warm and organic. The album is itself the result of two years solid gigging to packed dancefloors. From the moment "Acid On Ice" made its live debut at Keith Tenniswood's Lo Motion night in 2008, it was clear that something was up - no-one in the room could stand still. "Urgent" is another crowd-pleaser both live and on the wheels of steel - it is an essential weapon in Keith Tenniswood's sonic armoury and has rocked raves from Bristol to Brighton via Manchester and London.

In between these two tracks the listener is taken on an exciting journey - starting at the the acid house raves that King Henry VIII held at Hampton Court you are taken to darker and some would say more crystalline territory with "Citadel". It's always darkest before the dawn though and "Lightning" is a tender analog love song whilst "Freshwater Life" and "Glacial" an appreciation of the wonders of nature.

Unfortunately for King Henry VIII, it was "Tudor Disco" and "Laughing" and all those hot, warm, pumping erotic disco bass riffs that caused his 5th wife Katherine Howard to risk execution by cheating on him with a courtier. Handle the highly charged nature of this track with care.

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