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Tudor Acid 303

Richard Wigglesworth

TB-303 ⋅ MP3

This release was the first outing of the Luke Vibert remix and also showcased live tracks

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Following the appearance of Tudor Acid 202 in David E Sugar's mostly May Acid Chart along with airplay on his Ministry Of Sound radio show, Tudor Acid 303 is an EP pushing the Tudor Acid sound into exciting new directions with a Kerrier District style remix of Tudor Disco by Luke Vibert whilst Pain Struck Stanley Dumb put it down for Reading with their remix of Urgent.

The EP also features five live tracks recorded during a live 303 + 909 show at Lo Motion, plug and play studios in Reading in October 2008. The gig featured a loud and pristine sound system, provided by team productions and these live tracks showcase a harder/more stripped down edge to the Tudor Acid sound - and also show what effect the vibe of Reading's finest rave crew has on the finished product.

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