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Wrong Side of Day - Part 02

Tudor Acid

WSOD02 ⋅ MP3

Detroit influenced release which incorporates vocal textures

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Tudor Acid continues to explore the Wrong Side Of Day in a Detroit-influenced EP which also explores vocal textures.  Track Four features outstanding vocal drum sounds from Anne Gallien who has worked with Aphex Twin.   The tracks also feature vocals from a lyricist/vocalist called David Semple. 

The Wrong Side Of Day Part 01 introduced you to a world of secret magic gardens, and now having established this environment we want to tell you stories.  If you were describing the story of your life would you be the hero, the villain, the victor or the victim?  David Semple wants you to make your own mind up and so we present you with a series of abstract lyrical images and archetypes to accompany the detroit stylings of the music.  Semple is particularly influenced by early period New Order (Movement era).

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