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Wrong Side of Day - Part 03

Tudor Acid

WSOD03 ⋅ MP3

Ghettotech and electro infused release

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Continuing 'The Wrong Side of Day' series, Part 3 once again shows Tudor Acid blending experimental sounds with perfect dancefloor beats.

'Punchline' gets the party started straight away with its ghetto tech style. The track was originally developed after a jam session with Libby Floyd from Doubtful Guest and her partner Christian at London's Musicland Studios based in Haggerston Road (http://musiclandstudios.com). Pure energy infuses the 808 action, while bursts of bleeps break into the pattern creating a battle between the deep sub-bass and raw clubby sounds underpinning this track, and the staccato notes layered over it.

'Midlite' saw it's first outing on the dancefloor when Tudor Acid performed at The Big Chill, drawing a crowd of open-minded dancers up onto the stage. With elements of donk, the upbeat melodies and appealing synth show Tudor Acid's fun side to great effect.

'Cipher9497' sees Tudor Acid on a very personal mission. The 3-minute Detroit influenced opening and accessible structure, leads into a beautifully constructed abstract workout, before it's touching fade-out takes you back into the groove.

Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum, Bristol, bringing his 20 years of experience to the table, each part of 'The Wrong Side of Day' series will be released as a digital download.

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