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Wrong Side of Day - Part 04

Tudor Acid

WS0D4 ⋅ MP3

The natural world is celebrated via a combination of electro and
glacial ambience

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Tudor Acid starts the new year with the Wrong Side Of Day Part 04, an EP which combines the electro elements of part 03 with the glacial ambience of earlier parts and some exciting new elements to celebrate the majestic grandeur of the natural world.

'Neverest' is a celebration of a mountain few of us will ever get to climb but whose stark beauty lives in the imagination as a stark reminder of nature red in rock and claw.

'Logistic' is a melodic track which uses the mathematical functions of chaos theory to reflect the jagged edges of glaciers and rock formations.

'Grandeur Of Nature' rounds off this EP and is influenced by George Fenton's orchestral work on recent BBC nature serials.

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