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Wrong Side of Day - Part 05

Tudor Acid


Crunchy, funky beats mingle with aquatic sub-bass at the half-way point in this series

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Tudor Acid reaches the half-way point in the Wrong Side Of Day series with two tracks that combine deep sub bass frequencies with funky, crunchy beats.

Continuing the natural world theme explored in Part 04, this time the focus is the sea with drums that echo and suggest both the sounds of the ocean and voices emerging from it, as well as brittle, salty textures and an appreciation of expanse.

Where Drexciya invited you to explore a sub-aqua world, the Wrong Side of Day Part 05 invites you to explore life just at the surface of the sea, to find mysterious beauty in its expanse and in the sparseness of landmarks such as lighthouses and marker buoys and pinpricks of light reflected on the ever-changing surface...

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