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Wrong Side of Day - Part 06

Tudor Acid

WSOD06 ⋅ MP3

Electro collaboration with Sir Christopher D Ashley - out on 28.06.11

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Tudor Acid returns for the Wrong Side Of Day Part 06 which is very much an EP for the Reading rave crew. Christopher D Ashley contributes beats, production and fantastically foxed analog textures to "Tripac". Christopher picks up the story "I was twiddling a machine drum and 2 other bits of kit. How exactly i got my hands on them is strongly contested, we drank far too much coffee. Oh and there is some doepfer bad boy madness in there too. Breathe in, choke out, it's all lovely."

"Bezel Scrape" is an electro track perturbed by the forces of nature and finally "The Life And Times Of Thomas Wyatt", is influenced by work of Tudor Poet Thomas Wyatt. This track too has a Reading connection because we were introduced to the works of Wyatt by Zoe Laws who is also resident in Reading. Furthermore, the track includes a VERY rare vocal performance from Tudor Acid. Vocal tuition was provided by Libby Floyd who, in her guise as the doubtful guest, also provided engineering assistance.

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