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Wrong Side of Day - Part 07

Tudor Acid


Intricate worlds meet big sound-systems - out on 17.10.2011

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"Arriving at part seven of this ten-part series, Tudor Acid continues ‘The Wrong Side of Day’ anthology. Originally appearing on ‘The Wrong Side of Day Part 01’, ‘Glass Walls’ is remixed here by Posthuman (Seed / Balkan Vinyl), alongside a reinterpretation by Tudor Acid, and a new composition, ‘Ship Has Sailed’.

‘Glass Walls’ is a track portraying Tudor Acid's experience of the autistic spectrum condition known as Asperger's Syndrome. A lot of people who have this condition create elaborate and intricately beautiful alternate worlds in order to deal with it, and the detail becomes the main attraction. For Tudor Acid ‘Glass Walls’ is about promoting this understanding, by sharing these very personal worlds through his abstract construction of sound.

The relationship between Tudor Acid and Posthuman began when Tudor Acid became a regular fixture at I Love Acid, the long running West London based haven for 303-inspired music, run by Posthuman’s polymathic Joshu Doherty. With his perspective on the importance of pursuing and engaging with the dancefloor, Joshu and his Posthuman production partner Rich Bevan add their own energy to ‘Glass Walls’, readying it for loud soundsystems while still showing empathy to the original version, with the attention to detail in Tudor Acid’s hallmark sound still evident.

This is not just a remix EP, ‘Ship Has Sailed’, a highly textured and detailed track with a harpsichord motif that Elizabeth I (or should that be Elizabeth 101?) would be proud of is the next original emission of Tudor Acid’s ‘The Wrong Side of Day’ odyssey. Its inspiration comes from trying to accept a new world view while realising your perceptions are different to others. Can everything seem normal just by believing it is, or has that ship sailed?"

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