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Wrong Side of Day - Part 08

Tudor Acid


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Following an unusually long hiatus, Tudor Acid returns to Tudor Beats with 'The Wrong Side Of Day Part 08'. So why the long absence? Tudor Acid picks up the story: "I'd been playing live acid in one form or another for the best part of five years, it was a question of finding balance and I definitely felt ready to take a break from the dancefloor. I became very nostalgic, but moving to the countryside wasn't really an option so I decided to replace going to clubs with long walks around Bristol. However, I wanted to make sure that my music still had the same vital spark that you get in all the best dance music."

Bristol is certainly a city where the urban and pastoral blur into each other and this is reflected in 'The Highest Point on Earth' where dampened industrial rhythms patter against thick mists. 'The Sound of Raindrops' portrays Bristol's notorious weather through the medium of intricate electro. The tracks opening and closing the EP, 'The View from Up There' and 'Falling through the Clouds' both seem to portray a very eerie sense of stillness.

Tudor Acid continues: "These tracks were written around the time I did a skydive for charity. When you are falling through the clouds at 120 mph two miles above the Earth, you really do experience a very distilled form of terror. But what is almost more troubling is the very eerie stillness you experience just before you jump out of the plane."

Following the success of the 'Resist EP' by Chordata, 'The Wrong Side Of Day Part 08' is the second surround sound DVD release on Tudor Beats, which is accompanied by photos and videos of Bristol produced by Tudor Acid, Sublopus and The Doubtful Guest. It is again packaged with a ribbon and wax seal for a truly luxury immersive experience and the DVD includes a special bonus video for 'Ship Has Sailed' from 'The Wrong Side Of Day Part 07' which was shot and edited by Sublopus.

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